Yoga services

Here you can find out about the different types of yoga-based services I provide:

  • Yoga therapy

  • Trauma therapy

  • Yoga for anxiety and depression

  • Yoga classes

Yoga therapy

One to one therapy for mental and physical health

People commonly come to yoga therapy to find relief from chronic pain, recurring injuries, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. If you have been through trauma, please see trauma therapy below.


Yoga therapy often helps people sleep better, eat better and feel better. It can be tailored to almost any person with a medical condition whether it is a disease of body or mind. 

If you're generally well then a tailored practice can help maintain health, improve vitality and address any minor imbalances before they manifest into illness, lifestyle diseases or age-related disease.

Yoga Pose
Touching Flowers

Trauma therapy

One to one yoga therapy for PTSD, CPTSD, DID and trauma recovery

At the initial consultation you will get to ask any questions you want and we will talk about possible options for treatment. I usually recommend a commitment between us of 10 sessions so we can build a good relationship, strong foundations and be able to work slowly and therapeutically. This is a body-based therapy to help process and relieve traumatic events without the re-living them. This is a non-regressive approach which I know, from experience, can bring about growth and freedom from the past.

You will be fully informed of the suggested treatment plan and can opt in or out of any part at any time.

This can be adapted to people with complex health problems and for young people from the age of 4 years old. No minimum level of fitness required.


Classes and private sessions

I am currently spending all of my time with therapy services. Yoga classes are not available at present.

Private sessions (either one to one or a small group arranged by you) are available at:

  • Creative Calm Studio, Prestwich

  • Transcend Therapies, Monton Village

  • My home treatment room, Salford

  • Your venue / home / workplace

Yoga Class
Meditation Class

Yoga for anxiety and depression

Small group - 8 week course

This popular and effective course is designed to help shift patterns of anxiety and/or depression using yoga techniques. You will receive full instruction, a manual, videos and recordings teaching you how to create lasting changes.

Suitable for complete beginners, people who are overweight or have other health concerns.

Please book early or ask to go on the waiting list as these courses always sell out.