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“It has helped to turn my life around.”

Kevin Cullinan

“It will change your life in the best way.”


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DID-friendly therapist

LGBTQIA-friendly therapist

Autism / ASC-friendly therapist 

Committed to being an anti-racist therapist

Susi holds international accreditation as a Yoga Therapist from the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is on the nationwide UK Government register, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). General Medical Council guidance to doctors confirms they can refer patients to practitioners on Accredited Registers, including the CNHC register.


“Both the Government and the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) recommend that when a patient or service user chooses to visit a health or care practitioner who is unregulated, only those on an accredited register are consulted”. (Jane Ellison MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, November 2015).


Hi, I'm Susi Wrenshaw. My personal journey goes hand in hand with my professional one. As I open myself fully to connection, the therapy relationship offers great potential for deep and lasting healing for those I serve.

I used to deal with the pain of my trauma through starvation, self-injury, alcohol and workaholism as well as dissociation. I now live comfortably and often joyfully in my body. I have discovered safety, nourishment and authentic expression in relationships. I have a lot of professional experience, yet it is also who I am as a whole human that I offer when I work with people.

I work as a body-oriented Trauma Therapist and Clinical Supervisor privately and with the Clinic for Dissociative Studies. I lead Trauma Informed Yoga for a high dependency psychiatric unit and run professional trauma trainings for yoga teachers and clinical psychologists. I was previously a NEAD/PNES Yoga Therapist in an NHS hospital within the Neuropsychology Department.

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