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EMDR Therapy

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is a method of trauma therapy developed in California between 1987 and 1991 by clinical psychologist Dr Francine Shapiro.

EMDR has been successfully used as a method of trauma therapy since the mid-1990s. EMDR works with bilateral stimulation, i.e. with both brain hemispheres.

I work with you to find the most effective and comfortable form of bilateral stimulation which could be eye movements, tactile stimulation (using the vibrating pulsers in the photo) or auditory stimulation (sounds delivered through headphones).

EMDR may be delivered in the second phase of therapy once there is sufficient stabilisation, ability to self-regulate and to experience challenging emotions without being overwhelmed.

"After only a few sessions, EMDR produces noticeable changes with regards to cognition, emotions and body experience. There are also numerous studies and first-hand accounts of the positive effects of EMDR regarding the processing of stress-related individual experiences.


Cognitive processing of complex or multiple traumas lasts longer, of course, but with EMDR this processing time is considerably shorter than with other established methods of psychotherapy.

Scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed the high level of efficacy and lasting results of this method of therapy. Since 2006 the effectiveness of EMDR in treating post-traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD) has received worldwide recognition. Originally developed and tested for the processing of traumatic experiences in war veterans, its various applications have since become much more diverse."

Text courtesy of EMDR Centre London who I qualified with.

Next steps

Sessions last 1 hour. Longer sessions may be arranged in some cases.

I usually deliver EMDR in person at my clinic. In some circumstances I may provide EMDR remotely, via zoom. You will need to have an assessment to see if remote EMDR is suitable for you and if your internet connection is reliable enough.

EMDR is not suitable for everyone.

We are currently full, and only existing clients may book appointments.

As the current waiting list is 18 months+ long, we are no longer accepting new additions to the list. Please visit this page to view our list of recommended therapists which includes yoga therapists.

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