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Terms and Conditions

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By booking a workshop, retreat, professional course, training or other group 'event' with Trauma Therapy Manchester (previously Yoga Therapy Manchester) you agree to the following:

Bookings are non-refundable

By booking, you have agreed your place is non-refundable if you change your mind or cannot attend for any reason.

You agree your place is non-refundable if Trauma Therapy Manchester has to postpone or reschedule due to events outside of their control.

However, we try to be as fair and helpful as possible so will do our best to understand your individual circumstances and requirements.

You are entitled to a refund if Trauma Therapy Manchester decides to cancel, postpone or reschedule due to not reaching the minimum capacity for the event.


Liability for expenses in case of cancellation

You agree that Trauma Therapy Manchester is not liable for any costs you may incur for travel, accommodation, missed earnings or any other expenses in the case of a cancelled, postponed or rescheduled courses for whatever reason.

Please use accommodation and travel tickets which have a reasonable cancellation policy in case changes need to be made.

FAQs for Event Terms and Conditions (workshops, retreats, professional courses, training or other groups):

What happens if Trauma Therapy Manchester (TTM) chooses to cancel / reschedule?

If TTM chooses to cancel or reschedule the event in advance (eg due to personal circumstances or having too few people to run the event) you may be offered an alternative date if available. You will be offered the option of a refund. In no other circumstances are refunds available.

What happens if cancellation / postponement / re-scheduling is outside of TTM's control?

If the event is cancelled, postponed or re-scheduled for reasons outside of TTM's control including, but not limited to: the venue cancelling the booking, venue closure, local incidents, disasters, weather, security risk; you will be offered an alternative date.


If you cannot attend the new date you can transfer to a future course.


In exceptional circumstances TTM may be able to offer the event as a 'remote' event taking place live online. This will be offered in place of the face to face event. The content and format will be re-worked to ensure maximum value and enjoyment. By requesting in advance I will consider whether I make this available as a recording to anyone who cannot attend on the given dates - subject to consent from participants.  

I can no longer attend, what are my options?

All events are kept small so once capacity has been reached no more bookings are taken. If you cannot attend you may contact me to request that your place be offered to someone on the waiting list. You may also wish to fill the place yourself, providing the person you nominate meets the requirements for the group. I reserve the right to refuse any replacements on safety or suitability grounds.


If your place is filled you will be refunded minus a £20 admin fee.

If your place is not filled, no refund will be available.

During busy periods or very close to the start date I may be unable to allocate time to re-sell you place.

Why can't I get a refund?

I don't run huge events. I keep things small. People tell me that helps them get so much from the experience, helps them feel comfortable and connect with others. That means that if one person wants a refund and I can't fill the place within the time given and other commitments I may have, it has a big financial impact on me and my business. 

I always offer subsidised or free places on all events and I budget for this so I rely on those that can pay, paying for their place. If I freely offered refunds I would not be able to give so much financial support to those who need it. I think this is fair. If you couldn't afford one of our courses, you too would benefit from this scheme.

The 'contact days' when you are scheduled to be with me for the event are a tiny (though usually wonderful!) part of the work that goes into it. Consider the amount of preparation, research, planning, recruitment, marketing, admin, printing, accounting and organising that happens before the event is open for booking. I may also have bought specialist equipment for your particular event. Most of the cost of the event has been incurred before you arrive. It is not practical to refund when I have already done most of the work. I would not be able to sustain my business in this way. I know many socially-focused businesses have to close within the first year. I want to continue to be able to deliver events that I believe will make this society a better, healthier more compassionate place and I hope you will be part of that by supporting my 'fair fees' policy.

Why aren't the online events cheaper than face to face?

As mentioned above, most of the cost is incurred before you arrive. While I do not have a venue fee to pay for online events, there are additional costs for running an event online, including cost of the web platform I may be using.


Depending on numbers, I usually have an additional assistant when working online because I believe in keeping you safe and supported. You may also find an additional technical helper involved. 


Unlike many holistic companies, I pay all of my assistants because I believe in being paid for your time. I never ask people to work for free, despite having many offers. I believe in paying fairly and being paid.

I choose to act from a place of love and abundance rather than fear and scarcity (or misuse of 'karma yoga').


I will post out your materials for you at no extra charge so that those who cannot easily read them on screen and cannot print them have access. I do not charge you for this as I believe in making things accessible to all. The exception to this is if you want a colour printed, bound copy of the 184 page manual for the Accredited Trauma Informed Yoga course, we use an outside company to print this so we only ask you for the cost price, we do not make profit on this. 

I am confident I can provide excellent value online and some people are finding they prefer learning from their own home. I make use of virtual 'break-out rooms' so you can break off in small groups and practice, just as you would in a face to face event. 

I hope that sounds fair and reasonable and that you will continue to support me and Trauma Therapy Manchester as I do my best to support you in your life and work.

By booking a one to one appointment with Trauma Therapy Manchester (previously Yoga Therapy Manchester) you agree to the following:

Payment is required in advance for new clients booking one to one sessions to secure your booking.​

Cancellations and refunds for one to one bookings:

  • 48 hours notice - full refund

  • 24 hours notice - 50% refund

  • Less than 24 hours notice - no refund


  • Contact between sessions is via email

  • Other modes of contact may be used to share files and recordings eg WhatsApp, wetransfer.

  • Contact between sessions should be limited to arranging appointments.

  • The therapist is not an emergency contact/service. If there is a need for additional support between sessions please discuss this at your appointment so we can agree a 'safe plan' and ensure you have the support required.



  • Booking is done online via Acuity Scheduling. You are responsible for booking, rescheduling and cancelling your own appointments, unless otherwise agreed.

  • If you have weekly sessions you will be asked to select a weekly slot which will be held for you for the course of your treatment, provided you have regular attendance. Holidays can be booked, preferably with at least 2 weeks notice where possible. For the duration of your holiday your slot will be available as an ad hoc appointment to other clients.

  • If you have fortnightly or monthly sessions you will be asked to select a recurring appointment which you will then share with other clients (ie 2 clients alternating in fortnightly appointments). If you cannot make one week you can book a different slot that week, depending on availability, and then your normal sessions will resume in your original slot.

  • If you have ad hoc appointments (ie frequency changes, you have different days and times each time), then you can continue to book ad hoc appointments as they become available online.

  • Once you have been out of therapy for 3 months you are no longer considered a 'current client'. Please email me to go back on the waiting list. If you only need a couple of sessions you will be offered any gaps that come up due to holiday etc.



  • If you are unable to keep your appointment you agree to cancel online via Acuity Scheduling (not email) if more than 48 hours in advance. If it is less than 48 hours before the appointment, online cancellation is not possible so you will email You may not get a response before your appointment, if you do not arrive for your session, I will check my email and reply to you then.


  • 48 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling - no payment due

  • 24 hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling - 50% payment due

  • Less than 24 hours - full payment is due


  • If you have circumstances which make it likely that you may have to cancel at short notice be sure to discuss this with me in advance of making any bookings. We can arrange a more flexible cancellation policy so that you do not incur charges.


  • Cancellation must be done via the online booking system Acuity Scheduling. You may choose to email/text me as well however this does not count as cancelling your appointment. I may be unable to change it manually on the system for you on the same day which means the time slot has not been made available for others to book. If you anticipate any problems with cancelling/rescheduling in this way, please discuss with me in advance and we can arrange an alternative.


  • Your appointment slot will be held for you for the duration of your treatment providing you comply with this agreement and the service is still available. If you cancel or reschedule 2 consecutive appointments then we will discuss whether a regular slot is still working for you or if we need to look at an alternative. This does not include holidays when booked in advance.


  • If you cancel or reschedule frequently then you will be asked if you are still able to commit to regular sessions. Your appointment slot may be given to someone on the waiting list. You can either take ad hoc appointments or go back onto the waiting list for a regular slot.


  • Individual cancellation policies can be negotiated for individual circumstances.



By booking a session, you agree:

  • To pay in advance of or at each session, if this is not possible I will inform the therapist in advance or in exceptional circumstances at the beginning of our session.

  • If I give 48 hours notice I will receive a refund or be able to rearrange my booking at no charge up to a reasonable number of times.

  • That if I give 24-48 hours notice I will receive 50% refund, minus any fees up to a reasonable number of times.

  • That if I give less than 24 hours notice there will be no refund if pre-paid or if unpaid, full payment will be due before making another booking.

  • I understand that the refund policies apply to all circumstances and situations, unless otherwise agreed in advance, this helps to keep fees at the lowest possible rate and covers the costs of preparation, printing, clinical supervision, room hire (if applicable), travel, heating, administration, record-keeping and other costs directly associated with my care even in my absence.



  • I will not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs on the day of treatment.

  • I will continue to take prescribed medication, unless otherwise agreed with the relevant doctors and therapist.

  • If I am late we will begin when I arrive and finish at the original time agreed.

  • I will not verbally or physically abuse or threaten the therapist. These behaviours may result in termination of our sessions.


Confidentiality. By booking an appointment, you understand:

  • That any information shared between the therapist and I will be treated as confidential unless prior consent is given, except in specific circumstances.

  • The therapist has an obligation to break confidentiality if withholding that information could put myself or others in danger.

  • Child protection overrules any confidentiality considerations. If I give information of a child at risk or potential risk then the therapist will discuss the next steps towards making sure the child/children are safe. This may include involving other agencies.



  • The therapist will endeavour to explain the proposed treatment plan to me.

  • I can withdraw consent for treatment at any time.

  • I will inform the therapist of any changes to my mental, physical or emotional health at the start of or prior to each appointment if adaptations are needed to enable me to attend (eg a physical injury meaning you will not be able to use the stairs).

  • I will inform the therapist if I decide to finish my sessions and to give one session as notice so that we can close the therapy in a safe and healthy manner.

  • I have the right to ask questions and to be clear about what we are doing and why.

  • The therapist may guide me through difficult experiences and memories which can be challenging. If I feel things are too much for me I will endeavour to communicate this to the therapist so they can support me with this process.

  • It is recommended that you allow some time after each appointment to rest.

By booking an appointment you are agreeing to this policy.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are unable to pay in advance.


There are always reduced price sessions available for those who need it but there is a big demand. These are currently all being used and there is an 18 month waiting list. Speak to your GP and tell them you want to access treatment like this on the NHS.


Currently all of my NHS referrals are through the Clinic for Dissociative Studies. This requires GP referral and application for CCG funding through your GP.

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