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Compassionate Inquiry


“Only when compassion is present will people allow themselves to see the truth.” ― A.H. Almaas.

What is Compassionate Inquiry?

Compassionate Inquiry is a somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach that gently uncovers and releases layers of childhood trauma, constriction and suppressed emotion embedded in the body, that are at the root of physical and mental illness and addiction.

The approach has developed out of Dr Gabor Maté's life's work, brought together, structured and organised by Sat Dharam Kaur. Gabor is an internationally acclaimed expert on childhood trauma and addiction. You can read more about him here.


Certain principles are maintained during a Compassionate Inquiry session. These are:

  1. The client is encouraged to bring a specific intention to each session.

  2. The client determines how much to engage in the session and may request to stop at any time.

  3. The therapist may interrupt the client during the session to bring the client into awareness of the present moment and to body sensations and emotions.

  4. The therapist follows the subtle cues of the client.

Next Steps

Sessions last 1 hour and can take place in my clinic or remotely, via zoom.

If you are a couple seeking therapy you will each take a turn working with CI with the other person present. This can deepen understanding, insight, empathy and compassion while allowing you to work on triggers within your relationship.

We are currently full, and only existing clients may book appointments.

As the current waiting list is 18 months+ long, we are no longer accepting new additions to the list. Please visit this page to view our list of recommended therapists. 


£65/hour for self-funders (individual)

£77/hour for self-funders (couples)

£72/hour for employers paying for employees

£82/hour via insurance

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