Yoga Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Y-CBT)

Y-CBT integrates yoga and meditation with traditional and alternative cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques.

I most commonly use this for anxiety and depression.

What is Y-CBT

It is a new research based psychological therapy that combines the scientifically documented benefits of yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Through Y-CBT we can interrupt the cycles of depression and anxiety working simultaneously with body and mind. Cognitive restructuring can transform negative self talk, judgment and the inner critic. Body, breath and meditation practices create change at the level of the autonomic nervous system and body for lasting effects.

This is particularly suitable for people who want short term therapy and who are able to commit to some time between sessions to continue with practices, experiments and self reflection.

My waiting list is usually around 12-18 months. Please email me to be added.

Sessions last 1 hour and take place at my clinic or via zoom. 


£62/hour for self-funders

£67/hour for employers paying for employees

£77/hour via insurance