Trauma Therapy Manchester (previously called Yoga Therapy Manchester) was founded by Susi Wrenshaw to provide an effective, mind-body approach to Mental Health, Trauma and Attachment.  

I offer individual and occasionally group therapy. Treatment may be a combination of Yoga Therapy, Yoga-CBT, Somatic Trauma Therapy, EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT / tapping). I am also trained in but no longer have time to offer Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle, trauma-sensitive massage, pregnancy and postnatal yoga though these continue to inform my practice. 

I mainly work with adults and occasionally teenagers. Many people who come to me are experiencing dissociation, functional symptoms, unexplained pain, high levels of emotional distress, mood difficulties, shame, guilt and difficulties with self-esteem, relationships and/or intimacy.

I am experienced working with (amongst other things): developmental trauma, pre-verbal trauma, childhood sexual abuse/ exploitation, sexual assault and rape.

People I work with may have been diagnosed with 'ADHD/ADD' 'anorexia' 'anxiety' 'bipolar disorders' 'bulimia' 'conversion disorder'  'depression' 'dissociative identity disorder' 'functional neurological disorders' 'non-epileptic attack disorder' 'obsessive compulsive disorder' 'personality disorders' 'post traumatic stress disorder' Or they may have chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases or medically unexplained symptoms.

Professional registrations / accreditation

Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Check my registration here: https://www.cnhc.org.uk/

Certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

Check my certification here: www.iayt.org

Accredited by EFT International

Check my accreditation here: www.eftinternational.org

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals as an Experienced Yoga Teacher

View my profile and credentials here: www.yogaallianceprofessionals.org

Registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a Data Controller

View my registration here: www.ico.org.uk

Annual Enhanced DBS check available to view upon request (please don't hesitate to ask!)


Over the past decade I have been doing community-based work and one to one, body-oriented therapy for the last 6 years.

I have been delivering training, running workshops, coaching, mentoring and teaching for 16 years.


I have worked with Salford Royal Hospital, The Maggie's Centre at The Christie, Manchester Rape Crisis (with their clients and running professional training for their counsellors), Creative Living Centre (one to one sessions and groups), Mind (groups) and many private organisations. I see people across the whole mental health spectrum including in day care or medium secure hospitals and supported accommodation. I was a simulated patient and facilitator in communication and consultation skills at Manchester University School of Medicine for over 10 years, I’ve been published in Cambridge Scholars Addiction and Performance book (2014) and present at mental health events to raise awareness of the role the body plays in our mental health.

My integrative approach reflects my wide range of experience and training. This includes running groups in addiction recovery centres, probation services and community services as well as the vast trauma training I’ve had with Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Maté, Peter Levine, Gary Carter, Ralf Marzen, Carolyn Spring, Lisa Kaley-Isley and Lucy Arnsby-Wilson to name a few.

Your therapist

Susi Wrenshaw: Yoga Therapist specializing in Mental Health, Trauma and Attachment alongside Dissociative 'Disorders' and Functional Neurological 'Disorders'. Qualified to deliver Yoga, Yoga-CBT, Yoga Therapy, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Ayurveda.

Susi was the seventh Yoga Therapist in the UK to have received certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is accredited by the British Council for Yoga Therapy and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Susi works as a Yoga Therapist for Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust within the specialist Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder service. This is part of the Clinical Neuropsychology department in the Manchester Centre for Clinical Neurosciences. She sees patients for individual therapy 3 days a week in the NEAD service and 2 days a week in private practice.

Susi is an experienced yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She is qualified and insured for Yoga-CBT, Yoga Therapy, EMDR, EFT, Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle, Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Indian Head Massage.


Susi specialises in a holistic approach to therapy for mental health and trauma. She is trained to work with adults, children and young people yet most often works with adults.

Keeping up with the latest developments in psychology, trauma and neuroscience is very important to Susi. She is currently training in NeuroAffective Relational Model with Dr Larry Heller and has just completed Yoga Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Y-CBT).


Qualifications and Training
Counselling and Psychiatry Workshop

Psychiatry and Mental Health: A workshop for counsellors and psychotherapists.

A Straight Talking Introduction to Psychiatric Drugs.

Living Well and Dying Well: Working therapeutically with an ageing population.

The Power Threat Meaning Framework: An alternative to psychiatric diagnosis.

Trainers: Professor Mary Boyle, Rachel Freeth, Helen Kewell and Joanna Moncrieff. 

Company: PCCS Books

Yoga - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Y-CBT)

Trainer: Dr Manjit Kaur Khalsa and Julie Greiner Ferris

Company: Y-CBT

Qualification: Yoga-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Intro, Level 1 & Level 2)

Remote, live training (during Covid-19)

Emotional Freedom Techniques : Advanced (EFT)

Trainer: Tania Prince

Company: Life Beyond Limits

Qualification: Level 3 Advanced Accredited Practitioner

Accredited by: EFT International 

Returning to Ourselves: The Wisdom of Trauma

Trainers: Gabor Maté and Betsy Polatin

Company: Science and Non Duality (SAND)

Remote, live training (during Covid-19)

Mental Capacity Act

Company: Social Care Institute for Excellence

Remote training (during Covid-19)

Sensorimotor EMDR 

Trainer: Arthur O'Malley

Company: EMDR West Midlands

How to work with the patterns that sustain depression

Trainer: Ruth M. Buczynski, PhD with Bessel van der Kolk; Pat Ogden; Dan Siegel; Richard Schwartz

Company: National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine

Somatic Experiencing Intro

Trainer: Giselle Genillard

Company: SOS Interntionale

Attachment and Trauma -
Relationships, consciousness and the developing self

Speakers: Stephen Porges, Daniel Brown, Pat Ogden, Peter Fonagy, Marco Iacoboni, Orit Badouk Epstein, Bruce Ecker, Ruth Lanius, Onno van der Hart

Company: ISC International

Trauma and Resilience

Trainer: Dr Gabor Maté

Company: We Coproduce / Trauma Matters

Child Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing

Trainer: Carolyn Spring

Company: PODS

Yoga and meditation for brain injury

Love Your Brain

Company: Yoga International

Working with Dissociation in clinical practice

Trainer: Carolyn Spring

Company: PODS

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Trainers: Joshua I Smith and Barbara Lerch

Company: EMDR Centre London

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Trainer: Tania Prince

Company: Life Beyond Limits

Qualification: Level 1 and Level 2 Practitioner

Accredited by: EFT International

Refugees and War Trauma

Trainer: Dr Peter Levine

Company: SOS Internationale and Amnesty International

Para Yoga Nidra: immersion in enlightened sleep

Trainer: Rod Stryker

Company: Yoga International

Healing the traumatized mind, brain and body - effective evidence based interventions

Trainer: Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Company: The Centre for Child Mental Health

Child Psychology

New Skills Academy - online course

Qualification: Level 3 Diploma

Yoga as Medicine

Trainer: Dr Timothy McCall

Company: The Minded Institute 

Suicide intervention / suicide first aid

Trainer: Penny Strickett

Company: Living Works

Company: Ayurveda Pura

Qualification: Level 3 Diploma

Transforming trauma with yoga for children and young people

Trainer: Lucy Arnsby-Wilson
Company: Creative Calm Yoga and Chrysalis Kids

Ayurveda diet and lifestyle consultant

Trainer: Dr Deepa Apte
Company: Ayurveda Pura
Qualification: Diploma

Yoga for eating disorders and emotional trauma

Trainer: Lisa Kaley-Isley
Company: Yoga Campus

Indian Head Massage

Trainer: Nikki Wolf
Company: Therapy Training School
Qualification: Diploma

Origins of alignment

Trainer: Donna Farhi
CPD: 5 day intensive

Yoga Therapy Diploma
(British Council for Yoga Therapy / International Association of Yoga Therapists)

Trainers: Sylvia Barrington, Dr Jane Fitzgerald, Chris Barrington, Ruth Boaler
Company: Dru Yoga
2016 Yoga therapy for mental health
2015 Yoga therapy for serious degenerative disease
2015 Yoga therapy for cancer and auto immune disorders
2015 Yoga therapy for coronary care
2015 Yoga therapy for the respiratory system
2015 Yoga therapy for the gastric intestinal system
2015 Yoga therapy for the neuro-endocrine system
2015 Yoga therapy for spinal conditions
2014 Yoga therapy for back pain
2014 Yoga therapy for structural dysfunction

Trauma and the Body: Dissociation and Somatisation

Trainer: Carolyn Spring
Company: Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors / PODS

Yoga anatomy

Trainer: Dr Ray Long
10 CPD points

Pregnancy and postnatal yoga

Trainer: Janine Hurley
Company: Yoga Campus
Qualification: Diploma

Trauma: Treatment, Tendencies and Teaching

Trainers: Simon Low, Eija Tervonen, Ralf Marzen, Maja Skolimowska, Gary Carter
Company: Yoga Academy

Yoga Teacher Training

Trainers: Allie Hill and Toni Roberts
Company: Yoga Haven
Qualification: 200 hour yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance

Short courses, workshops and other training

2020 Humanual Basics - SAND, Betsy Polatin

2020 Yoga Therapy for Pain - Headaches - Yoga Campus / American Viniyoga Institute, Gary Kraftsow

2020 Yoga Therapy for Pain - Fibromyalgia - Yoga Campus / American Viniyoga Institute, Gary Kraftsow

2020 Yoga Therapy for Pain - Structural Neck / Shoulder Pain - Yoga Campus / American Viniyoga Institute, Gary Kraftsow

2020 Racialised Trauma - Cultural Somatics Training and Institute, Resmaa Menakem

2019 Yoga for Resilience - Inhale, Toni Roberts

2018 I am Woman - The Life Centre, Andrea Everingham

2017 Earth Mandala pranams - Yoga Campus, Shiva Rea
2017 Scaravelli Yoga / somatic approach - Meriel Gross
2017 Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis - Ayurveda Pura Deepa Apte
2015 Earth Mandala Pranams - Yoga Campus, Shiva Rea
2015 Yogic mindfulness - AG and Indra Mohan
2015 Yoga for women's health - Indra Mohan
2015 Vipassana Meditation 10 day silent meditation course (100 hours meditation)
2015 Balance / Harmony: Yin and Yang Yoga - Manjunaga
2014 Yin and Yang Yoga - Simon Low
2014 Astanga Yoga - Kino MacGregor (11 hours)
2014 Hips and Hamstrings - Claire Missingham (6 hours / CPD Points)
2013 Astanga Yoga / Mysore - Manju Pattabhi Jois
2013 First Aid for Yoga Teachers - Cardiff First Aid

2009 Leadership - InMovement

2008 Theatre in Prisons and Probation Services - TIPP

2007 Mentoring Level 2 - MANCAT / Open University

2007 Safeguarding - Manchester City Council

2007 Boundaries and young people - Manchester City Council

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Anatomy and physiology
Medicinal Herbs



My path to working in health and alternative medicine


Before becoming a Therapist, Susi worked in disability support services providing one to one support to disabled University students and assisted in Special Educational Needs schools from Primary to Post-16. She won awards with her Community Interest Company which used theatre and film to explore social issues with the people of Salford working in probation centres, women's refuges, recovery centres and refugee services. She has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the book entitled Addiction and Performance (2014), and facilitated teaching in communication skills at the University of Manchester Medical School and within the wider healthcare industry.  Susi has been the subject of two scientific studies into yoga and mental health and is currently working on two pieces of research.


Susi initially trained as a yoga teacher with Yogahaven, since when she has studied with such leading teachers as Dr Timothy McCall, Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, Ray Long, Simon Low, Claire Missingham and A.G. and Indra Mohan.


As a yoga therapist, Susi is able to provide safe and appropriate treatment for anyone from the normally fit and healthy to the terminally ill and dying.

My Experience
Yoga Therapy: Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Working 3 days a week in the Clinical Neuropsychology Department at Salford Royal Hospital as a Yoga Therapist. Seeing patients for individual psychological body-oriented therapy and running one group intervention per week.

2019 to 2020

Community class: yoga for the mind

Weekly yoga class funded by Mind and Yoga Quota 

2017 to 2018

Community class: gentle yoga and relaxation for mental health

Accessible yoga and relaxation classes for people dealing with mental health difficulties within the community. 

Funded by Age Concern UK for 9 months

Supported and hosted by Creative Living Centre

2018 to 2019

Yoga for anxiety and depression

2016 to 2019

This 6 week course has run over 20 times at several venues across Manchester including The Yoga Rooms and Manchester Yoga Central.


Featured on BBC Sport for Sport Relief 2018.

Yoga for mental wellbeing


A class for members of the Creative Living Centre funded through the NHS / CCG. This ran for 15 sessions following a successful course of 6 sessions of yoga for anxiety.

Trauma Therapist

2014 to present

Body-oriented therapy for transforming trauma including PTSD, Complex PTSD and dissociative disorders one to one and in small therapeutic groups. 

Previously worked with: Manchester Rape Crisis (counsellor training), Creative Living Centre (for members of the mental health charity).

Yoga Teacher

2013 to present

I have over 4000 hours teaching experience in group yoga classes at the following studios:
The Life Centre 2016-2018
Manchester Yoga Central 2016-2018
The Yoga Rooms 2014-present
Creative Calm Yoga Studio 2017-2019
Bannatynes Gym 2013-2018
Ben Dunne Gyms 2015-2016
The Yoga Lounge 2014-2016

Massage Therapist

2017 to 2019

I have been doing Indian Head Massage since qualifying in February 2017. I used to do massage for mental health, pregnancy massage and postnatal massage including sessions for mental health charity Creative Living Centre.

Yoga for cerebral palsy

A specialist yoga class for adults with cerebral palsy and their support workers at Trafford Carers.


Yoga for back care


Regular weekly classes run for people with existing back conditions and those wishing to maintain their back health. Run at The Yoga Rooms and The Life Centre North.

Yoga for multiple sclerosis

A group of adults effected by MS arranged and funded by the Multiple Sclerosis Society UK.


Yoga for stress relief

Weekly class at Manchester Yoga Central.


Pregnancy and postnatal yoga

2015 to present

Regular classes and one to one sessions including birth preparation, yoga nidra and postnatal recovery. Studios: The Life Centre North and The Yoga Rooms.

Now only working one to one with those affected by previous Trauma or Mental Health.

Yoga and Ayurveda for digestive health

2016 -2017

A series of 3 half day workshops introducing students to Ayurveda for digestion including the doshas or body type, agni (digestive fire) and the energies associated with digestion. These successful sessions were run several times from Manchester Yoga Central and The Life Centre North. These are currently offered as one to one sessions.

Yoga for female survivors of sexual abuse and rape

A Trauma Informed Yoga course hosted and funded by Manchester Rape Crisis.