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Trauma Informed Yoga Teachers

Meet and work with the graduates of our 100hr Accredited Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher course. All of these teachers are accredited by the Yoga Alliance as Trauma Informed Yoga Teachers. If you're on our waiting list for therapy, we recommend working with a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher to give you a good foundation for starting therapy. 

If you're currently in therapy, and looking to do somatic work alongside this then working with a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher could be a really good option for you. 

Ashwini Shannikodi

Berkshire and Online

Trauma Informed Yoga specialising in anxiety, burnout and chronic pain,

Denise Walters

Birmingham & online

Trauma informed Yoga 1:1 and group work.

Dr Kayleigh Darch

Exeter, Devon & online

Trauma-informed yoga and psychology-enhanced yoga specialising in body and mind wellbeing and mental health concerns.

Karen Jayne Haydock

Chorley Lancashire

Trauma Informed Yoga, working with teens and adults

Kristina Lewis BA(hons) CMBT

Peebles, Scottish Borders and Online

Trauma Informed Yoga Specialising in Women's Wellness and Pregnancy

Pauline Reay

Cambridge & online

Trauma Informed Yoga for adults & teens

Rosanne Goh

Manchester & online

Trauma Informed Yoga - Empower safety in the body, grounding & connection to Self

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