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Trauma training options

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That probably means you have felt the call to use your experience of yoga to support others. See what options are available to you for training and teaching. 

1. Trauma Sensitive Yoga

  • Taught by a Yoga Teacher

  • Awareness of trauma and of creating a safe environment to reduce likelihood of being triggered.

  • Knowledge of how to handle dissociation / flashbacks.

  • 2 day (11 hour) training.

  • No assessment, attendance at training only.

  • Recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals, uncertified, no title awarded.

  • Regular mentoring recommended.

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2. Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Taught by an Accredited Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher

  • Expertise and training in working with traumatized individuals using yoga to heal the wounds of trauma.

  • Case studies, assignments, practice sessions and essays required.

  • 100 hour training, assessment and qualification. Title awarded.

  • Accredited status from Yoga Alliance Professionals.

  • Regular mentoring strongly recommended.

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3. Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

  • Delivered by a CNHC/IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapist

  • Professional therapist accredited and registered with regulatory body that has a code of conduct and ethics.

  • 500-800 hour training, assessment, clinical practice and qualification.

  • Accredited.

  • Regular clinical supervision required.

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