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Susi Wrenshaw


Yoga Therapist, Trauma Therapist

Susi is the lead teacher and will be with you throughout every module, delivering the content and hosting our guest teachers.

I began exploring mental health through theatre and performance in 2003. I later founded a Community Interest Company to work with marginalised groups in Salford. We explored trauma through group work, storytelling, movement and words. We collaborated with women’s centres, domestic violence teams and social workers at Salford Council; addiction and recovery centres; refugee groups; prison and probation services.


I moved into specialised training with Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Maté and Carolyn Spring. I became a Yoga Therapist with Dru Yoga and continued to further my skills by qualifying to deliver EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Yoga CBT (Yoga Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and the Safe and Sound Protocol. I studied a diploma in Ayurveda to become an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant. My qualifications and experience in perinatal yoga enable me to safely support existing clients through all stages of their life. I am currently part way through Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry professional training course which invites a deep and honest look inwards alongside guiding clients on a somatic based journey of discovery.


I learnt a lot in my time at Salford Royal Hospital working as a Yoga Therapist in the Neuropsychology Department and am still involved in a piece of research with the NEAD (Non Epileptic Attack Disorder) service. I am also supervising a Clinical Psychology research project on yoga for the homeless community. My articles have been published in Yoga Therapy Today, Yoga Therapy Ireland and Exhale Magazine. I’ve been a guest on various podcasts and documentaries along with BBC Sport who interviewed me about my yoga for anxiety and depression course.  


I was involved in medical education – specifically communication skills - for over a decade. Now I love delivering my own training to clinicians and yoga teachers interested in incorporating the body into trauma recovery. I often get invited to NHS Trusts, charities, mental health organisations and private training academies as guest teacher on their courses.


I have lived experience of trauma, recovery and mental health services. These experiences are woven into the fabric of who I am. They give me the quiet confidence that healing is possible for everyone.

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