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Ashwini Shannikodi

Trauma Informed Yoga specialising in anxiety, burnout and chronic pain,

Ashwini Shannikodi

Ashwini Shannikodi a yoga practitioner, trauma survivor, Indian yoga teacher in UK. She is certified yoga pranayama and yoganidra teacher and accredited trauma sensitive and informed facilitator. She has over 17 years of experience as a student of Hatha Yoga. Her classes are based on the therapeutic practices, sessions are all-inclusive and personalised to the unique needs of each individual. She offers individual, group and community based sessions.

Ashwini can offer online one-on-one or group sessions for those dealing with stress, anxiety, physical pain, burnout or looking to make a positive change in life; I offer a a safe and inclusive space for healing and growth. I aware the subjective nature of trauma and how it can impact us differently, so my session is focused on meeting each student where they are in their journey.

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