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Dr Kayleigh Darch

Trauma-informed yoga and psychology-enhanced yoga specialising in body and mind wellbeing and mental health concerns.

Dr Kayleigh Darch

I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and accredited Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher specialising in blended approaches that integrate evidence-based psychological theory and therapy techniques with yoga practices.

I have experiences working in a variety of mental health services in the NHS and private sector, working collaboratively with charity organisations, with higher education providers, and with businesses to offer yoga to individuals, small groups, and staff teams. I offer yoga classes to support young adults and adults across the life-span and have experiences bringing trauma-informed yoga to people with a lived experience of surviving trauma(s) including domestic violence and sexual abuse. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for many years and founded BAM Therapy to blend together my worlds of Psychology and Yoga.

I have completed advanced specialist training including trauma-informed yoga and yoga CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and offer support with overcoming anxiety (including stress, overwhelm, life events, burnout), improving mood (depression, low mood, bipolar diagnosis), recovery and healing from trauma including PTSD & complex PTSD, managing psychosis experiences, working with eating disorders (including body image work), improving self-esteem, and developing self-compassion.

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