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Karen Jayne Haydock

Trauma Informed Yoga, working with teens and adults

Karen Jayne Haydock

Karen at Living Yoga delivers classes that explores a range of somatic, functional and sensible yoga through the understanding of Trauma Informed Yoga. With 20+ years teaching, person-centred therapy training, and personal yoga practice, each part of the group class or 1:1 session will explore breath work with gentle movements to discover balance, strength, posture and co-ordination. Creating a class for self-enquiry and self-development moving with consideration of your personal needs.
Classes are suitable for teens and adults that are complete beginners to yoga or yoga practitioners looking for a trauma informed approach to yoga. All genders, ages and abilities are welcome. Yoga classes can be delivered on mats or as Chair yoga to meet requirements.

Trauma-informed Yoga to be arranged in person meetings or online meetings please message me for further enquiries.

Thank you.

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