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Rosanne Goh

Trauma Informed Yoga - Empower safety in the body, grounding & connection to Self

Rosanne Goh

Rosanne teaches people how to cultivate a compassionate relationship with an embodied Self, to feel safe in our bodies. Through a wholesome, spiritual, embodied, therapeutic approach; practices including Trauma Informed Yoga, Reiki, meditation, journaling and sound healing. This career journey has stemmed from a passion and curiosity of understanding herself more, a path to finding peace in the authentic Self. She wishes to empower those who are curious to build a healthy relationship with their mind, body and soul; a wholesome connection to their authentic Self and to feel safe in their bodies!

Rosanne will invite you into a space of enquiry and learning as she guides you to discover grounding, curiosity, self regulation, exploration of your nervous system and window of tolerance. This is a safe space to resource through connecting to your body.
This is also a collaborative process and so the sessions may not be what is usually considered as a regular yoga practice.

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