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Sebnem Ugural

Trauma Informed Yoga for PTSD, Somatic Movement, and Mindfulness

Sebnem Ugural

I am a certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, ICF mindfulness Life Coach, Reiki Master and mental health support worker.

With over 13 years of experience working with individuals who experienced trauma, alongside lived experience, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to develop trauma-informed relationships that cultivate safety, trust, choice, empowerment, and compassion.

I worked for charitable organisations and community projects in different roles including as a family support worker, domestic violence specialist and freelance artist, and I have been working with Solace Women’s Aid Rape Crisis as a trauma informed yoga facilitator.

I also co-facilitate therapeutic groups such as PTSD stabilisation and Life with Chronic Pain together with talking therapists and receive regular clinical supervision. I regularly attend various training sessions on trauma and somatic practices in therapeutic settings.

I thoughtfully customize each session to meet individual needs and infuse my interests, such as somatic movement, playfulness, the activation of the vagus nerve, and myofascial release into my practice.

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